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Design Arsenal

An all-in-one solution to help you search and use* fonts, icons and patterns/fills

Search our catalog of best free assets which are cached locally for quick usage.
Instantaneously use assets with our Magic Layer creation feature or drag'n'drop.

A desktop app for Windows and MAC

Fonts catalog: install fonts directly from our catalog of fonts, no need to download/install them

Magic font layer creation: create a font layer in Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch in a single-click... font is installed automatically

Free SVG icons: searching and using free SVG icons has never been easier... our app comes with many icon packs like Material Design

Pattern manager/catalog: manage your own local pattern images or use one from our catalog

Magic fill layer from pattern: just right-click a pattern and choose to create a filled shape in Photoshop or Sketch

Link organizer: save your favorite design sites so you never miss them

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Overview: being a
happier designer
Drag'n'dropping icons
Managing your own icons
Links organizer
Magic font layer creation
Magic fill layer from pattern


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This way you might be able to give your thoughts and participate in the development process.

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